Reclamation Services

Canadian Matting Ltd. does full lease and site reclamations right through to the completion certificates. Here is a list of rates and would be please to quote any projects from large to small-scale reclamations.

  • Reclamation services, including permitting and completions Soil Reclamation Specialist,P.Ag.
  • HSoil Scientist, M.Sc., P.Biol.
  • HSoil Scientist, M.Sc., A.Ag.
  • Soil Specialist Level 3, P.Ag.
  • Soil Specialist Level 2, P.Ag.
  • Soil Specialist Level 2, A.Ag.
  • Soil Specialist Level 1, A.Ag.
  • Soil Technician, A.T.T.
  • Student  
  • Admin/Support